Lorne Gross & Associates serve clients in a broad range of corporate / commercial matters including:
EQUITY INVESTMENT STRATEGY structuring and implementation of equity investment in business ventures in accord with client’s specific needs and objectives.
BUSINES ESTABLISHMENT Diverse an interrelated issues in establishing a business including: selection of business entities, the structure and interrelation of different business entities for enterprises with multiple activities, leasing, employee agreements, investment and other areas.
CROSS-BORDER TRANSACTIONS Issues specific to cross-border business, including the selection and structure of business entities and trade-related contracts.
LEGAL STRUCTURE OF BUSINESS VENTURES The strategic use of and selection of different business entities, including partnerships, corporations and other entities.

Strategy, structuring and implementation of debt investment in business ventures.

EMPLOYMENT Creation of employment agreements, employee handbooks and operating manuals, dealing with employment issues that arise during business operations.
CONTRACTING Contracts in business ventures such as contracts between a business and its customers or clients, including trading and sales agreements and international trading agreements.

Diverse and interrelated issues in real estate transactions including: Land purchase, rezoning and planning issues, construction, financing, mezzanine financing, corporate structure for optimal development and investment.