Sample Clients

A major global financial institution
A manufacturing corporation, one of the largest in its sector globally, making a diversified market entry into Canada
A real estate development corporation engaging in large-scale housing development projects
An app development company raising funds through new crowd sourcing regulations
The creation of a private educational institution, formed by way of international joint-venture
A food manufacturing and distribution corporation, amongst the fastest growth companies in North America

Recent Transactions

structuring and implementation of equity investment in business ventures in accord with client’s specific needs and objectives.
Diverse an interrelated issues in establishing a business including: selection of business entities, the structure and interrelation of different business entities for enterprises with multiple activities, leasing, employee agreements, investment and other areas.
Issues specific to cross-border business, including the selection and structure of business entities and trade-related contracts.
The strategic use of and selection of different business entities, including partnerships, corporations and other entities.

2 years ago, I came across a difficult problem. I was helpless, had a lot of telephone consultation, none of which was satisfying. I eventually found Mr. Gross and He answered my call with a “Hello” in Chinese, putting me at ease immediately. The next day, I went to his office to talk about the case. Mr. Gross carefully listened to me, analysed my case, and developed a detailed action plan. Later, he went into extensive negotiations and the case was successfully concluded to my complete benefit. Throughout the process, I was very impressed with Mr. Gross’s professionalism, meticulousness, patience, and calmness. We became friends in this year. Later I became aware that besides being a lawyer, Lorne studied Chinese philosophy at Oxford University, this may also be the reason why he can better understand us


Dear Mr. Gross,At the moment, I just want to express my gratitude to you, thank you for your great help in more than a year’s time.A year and a half ago when I was going through the greatest setbacks and difficulties of my life, I was fortunate to be introduced to you through my alumni. You acted as my lawyer when I needed legal advice the most, offering me accurate and effective advice time and again from your wealth of knowledge, solid practical experience, insight, wisdom, and care. My case has been resolved with very satisfying results after your tireless efforts and work. All the success is attributed to your hard work and professionalism.Most noteworthy is that my case involves several areas of complex law, and it is also involves cross-border affairs in Canada, the US, Hong Kong and mainland China and other countries and regions. You have succeeded with my case under such complicated circumstances, it is indeed very impressive, I am very proud to have such a good lawyer like you!Once again, I thank you for doing all the work for me, and I hope you will continue to use your knowledge and experience to help more people like me, people who need help.